Why do we wear hair extensions?

Okay, so why do I wear hair extensions? This is a question I’ve been asked many a time over the years, even more so now that my hair is beyond 14 inches in length.

The long and short of it is simply because I Love Them! I love the way they can instantly transform my outward persona. If I wanted to be Sasha Fierce that day, then I had a weave for that but now have a wig for that (I’m a convert lol). If I’m loving Beyonce’s new do, then it’ll be on my wish list for next month’s pay day. I honestly feel they are a part of self-expression, the same way people love their shoes, bags and watches is the way I love my ‘hur’.

It’s not about trying to be someone else it’s about showing/expressing another faucet of myself. So, No I’m not wearing hair extensions today because I hate my hair. In fact, I love my hair and that’s why I make sure it’s healthy and well taken care of (will share tips in another blog). I’m wearing them simply because I want to!

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